Welcome to the World of FoxTrot!


For years the military has carried a reputation of being an admirable force, training soldiers not only to fight and protect our beloved country, but to also be well-kept, dress-right-dress individuals that wear the uniform with pride and honor. Although we wear the same uniform in the military, we all have a different story to tell through our own experiences.

Created by the eclectic minds of two United States Army veterans, FoxTrot Collection Clothing Co. is redefining what it means to stand out. With high quality products and keen attention to detail, FoxTrot Collection built a clothing line designed to gradually push the fashion envelope and provide the tools needed to step outside of the comfort zone.

Going against the grain of society’s normal trend of conformity promotes growth in one’s identity, develops a sense of self respect, and demands respect from others. We owe this service to the gentlemen who are tired of second guessing their attire because of how they may be perceived. We are in the days of elegance, style, and sophistication! So allow us to help you tell your story through fashion and unearth your true potential.


Brandon C. McClellan


Robert D. Ross


Jawan L. Elliott

Director of Marketing and Sales

Brandon "Buddy" Brannon

Creative Director